Vision, Aims & Values

“Growing Learners for Life”

To create an enjoyable learning environment where ALL are encouraged to work together, to be respectful, responsible and independent giving them the necessary skills to achieve excellence and success in life.


Throughout the school we reinforce the key values:

Rights, Respect, Responsibility & Independence


To achieve our vision we aim for all pupils, staff, governors, parents and the community to :
  • Always be looking for new ideas to improve our school.
  • Work together with the local community and beyond to support the children.
  • Create a curriculum that will let every child have an equal chance of achieving high academic success.
  • Provide a welcoming, safe, supportive environment where children become self disciplined and confident.
  • Encourage everyone to act responsibly, show initiative, be considerate and respect themselves and others.
  • Respect the equal rights of all our pupils, parents and visitors- promoting equality in our community.
  • Teach through multisensory approaches, understanding that everyone is unique and has a different range of strengths.