Governor Profiles

  • Dr John Spindler

    Vice Chair of Governors

    Having retired after a career in education, being a school governor seemed a productive way to spend some of my free time and to make use of my experience. I started my working life teaching English and Drama in secondary schools, and working as a part-time Youth Leader in Sheffield and London. I then became an Advisory Teacher for Drama, supporting teachers in primary, secondary and special schools. This was followed by work in Higher Education, where I spent most of my career, initially at the University of Northumbria and then at York St John University. I lectured in Arts Education and later taught educational research and evaluation to postgraduate students. My own research focused mainly on professional learning.
    I am committed to the idea that schools should centre their provision on the needs, aspirations and experiences of individual children. I share with other governors the ambition for our school to be second to none, offering a distinctive and high quality educational experience for each child.

Appointed by Governing Body Term in Office 10.11.2016 - 09.11.2020
Committees Currently Serving on
Performance Management
Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
Other Positions of Responsibility
Vice Chair of Governors
Business Interests None Relationships None
  • Mrs Jo-Anne Smith

    Co-opted Governor

    I have lived in North Duffield for over 23 years now and have worked at the school, in various roles, for over 20 years! During this time my own daughters attended the school and have maintained friendships from these early beginnings, a legacy to the caring and happy family environment nurtured by our school. I am committed to working with our Governors to ensure that this ethos continues to grow and develop future generations.

    While working at school I have studied and gained a degree in Teaching and Learning. This has helped me to develop and focus my skills as Pastoral Support Officer to support Pupil Premium children and all mental health issues that impact on our learners; an area that I am passionate about. All aspects of the school and its community are important to me however, and I am keen to help develop the aspirations of the school and its pupils.

    In my spare time I love to get outdoors and garden in particular. I enjoy exercise, spending time with my family and reading.

Appointed by Governing Body Term in Office 01.10.2016 - 30.09.2020
Committees Currently Serving on None  Other Positions of Responsibility
Parish Council and Parent Forum Link
Safeguarding Mentor
Business Interests None Relationships None
  • Mrs Gillian Vollans

    Co-opted Governor

    My name is Gill Volans and I have lived in the North Duffield for 32 years
    I worked within Education for over 40 years, starting my career as a Mainstream Primary Class Teacher and then for 36 years I worked with a wide and diverse range of Special Educational Needs children.
    I held two SEN Head teacher positions in the later stages of my career prior to retiring 3years ago.
    I am also a trained Youth Worker and previously worked two nights a week at Riccall Youth Club for 8 years.
    I joined the Governors in February 2016
    Why did I become a Governor?
    As I always worked full time and commuted to work, there never seemed time to be involved in our Village Community. Now that I am more flexible, I have the time to support the school, as this is where I have the most experience and knowledge to offer and this is where my passion lies.
    I want to help to give our young people the best opportunities and life experiences they could possibly have in our village community school.
    I am an active person and enjoy travel, camping, hill walking, swimming and yoga. I love my garden too and it’s wildlife, growing herbs and a few vegetables.

Appointed by Governing Body Term in Office 06.01.2016 - 05.01.2020
Committees Currently Serving on
Finance,Performance Management & Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
Other Positions of Responsibility SEND, Child Protection & WI Link
Business Interests None Relationships None
  • Mr Andrew D'Arcy

    Co-opted Governor

    Having both a daughter working as a teacher at the school and a granddaughter starting her first year here, I had been in the school several times to visit and even enjoyed the new starters lunch. This gave me the idea that if I could become involved in any way then I should take the opportunity to do so. Low and behold an advertisement for new governors was posted, and a couple of months later I am being warmly welcomed by the Chair of Governors & Mr Russel to my first governors meeting.

    I have worked in education for the past 30 odd years, and I am the Domestic Bursar at Pocklington School in Pocklington. My day to day role at the school sees me being responsible for all the catering providing about 1000 meals a day, plus all the domestic services and laundry facilities within the school. As the school is also a boarding school with excellent accommodation it is also my role to make the best use of this during holiday periods and hire out the premises to all manner of organisations. Working in a school albeit not as an academic does give me a great understanding of school life in general, what it all entails and seeing tiny young people grow into young adults ready to face life beyond the school gates.

    In a previous life I served in the Royal Navy ending my career as a chef on board the Royal Yacht Britannia, sailing around the world in the company of most members of the Royal family.

    I like the whole idea of getting involved in the school where both my daughter and granddaughter are extremely happy. I am watching one little learner growing in to a new life and enjoying each step of the way. I like the friendliness and feel of the school and would like to support it as much as I can in any way that I can.

Appointed by Governing Body Term in Office 15.12.17 - 14.12.21 
Committees Currently Serving on Finance Other Positions of Responsibility
Safeguarding and
Health &
Safety Link
Business Interests None Relationships Mrs K deBethel (daughter)
  • Mrs Amanda Harrison

    Parent Governor

    I have lived in North Duffield village for 13 years, I am married to Jonathan and we have two children in the school – Evie (Year 6) and Isaac (Year 3). I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and after working in global consulting for 17 years, I set up my own business in Jan 2015.
    I bring a wealth of experience to the Parent Governor role, from working in commercial and educational settings, and my focus is always on helping individuals, teams and organisations be the best they can be.
    I have a keen interest in supporting all aspects of school life for our children and the local community, and I am committed to helping create the best possible learning environment for all of our children.
    In my spare time I enjoy exercise and the outdoors – walking, horse-riding, cycling, and spending time with my family. You may even spot me in the village panto!!

Appointed by Parents Term in Office 05.07.2017 - 04.07.2021
Committees Currently Serving on Performance Management & Learning, Teaching & Curriculum Other Positions of Responsibility Pupil Premium, Parent Forum & Friends Link
Business Interests None Relationships None
  • Mrs Michaela Mounfield

    Staff Governor

Appointed by Staff Term in Office 21.11.2018 - 20.11.2022
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Other Positions of Responsibility None
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  • Mr Graham Dixon

    Chair of Governors

    Having a young daughter starting school in 2017 I wanted to be involved in as many aspects of her school life as possible and becoming a govenor seemed to be the most constructive way of getting involved.

    I hope my experiences from a career in IT will allow me work with the other governors, teachers, parents and Friends of North Duffield School to help the school be the best it can be and provide the best education for all the children in the village and beyond. My family and I do not live in North Duffield but have found the school and parents to be so warm and welcoming that we feel we have very much become part of this lovely community.

    So, what do I do when not chairing governors meetings or working? I enjoying watching football and cricket, and I have on occassion been known to participate in both as well, I also enjoy spending as much time as I can with my young family.

    I am looking forward to watching my daughter and her peers grow into young successful adults and it is my hope that the support and decisions we make will give them the best foundations for life after North Duffield Community Primary School and beyond.

Appointed by Parents Term in Office 12.02.2018 - 11.02.2022
Committees Currently Serving on
Other Positions of Responsibility
Sports Premium and PFA Link
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  • Mrs Lesley Vale

    Parent Governor

Appointed by Parents   
Term in Office 12.02.2018 - 11.02.2021
Committees Currently Serving on None Other Positions of Responsibility None
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None Relationships None
  • Mr Nigel Taylor

    Parent Governor

    I have lived in the village with my wife Abby for over 10 years and my daughter currently attends the school.

    I am currently Vice Chair of the Parish council and I am also actively involved in assisting children making their way as young match officials in Rugby league. I am secretary and Child Welfare Officer for the York & Selby RLRS. I am also the Secretary for North Duffield CC.

    I am passionate about sport and in particular seeing children progress within the sporting environment.

    I am by trade a Legal Services Manager. I have a wealth of experience with people management, performance management and project work. I hope that I can bring some of my experience to assist the school in what ever way I can.

    In my spare time I am a keen runner and I am a member of the Selby Striders running club.

Appointed by Parents Term in Office
05.10.2018 - 04.10.2022
Committees Currently Serving on None Other Positions of Responsibility None
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