House System

The house system is a traditional feature of schools, whereby the school is divided into groups called "houses" and each pupil is allocated at the moment of enrolment. At North Duffield Primary our houses follow our Metacognition values; Mirror, Indie, Try and Try again and Percy.
The system stimulates healthy competition, which proves very beneficial to the children and reinforces our metacognition approach. In our supportive environment, they learn to work collaboratively, integrate with all year groups and accept failure without losing self-esteem. We do however always aim to keep siblings in the same house to avoid family rivalry at home!
Pupils can earn house points for their hard work and positive attitude, this may be in class, for their homework or through dedicated house challenges. House point totals are announced at the weekly Awards Assembly by the elected Year 6 House Captains, then the winning team at the end of each term receives a reward. Our current scores are shown below: