Keeping our Children Safe At North Duffield Primary School

Welcome to our Safeguarding Page

Safeguarding is the action that is taken in school to promote the welfare of our children and protect them from harm. This includes preventing harm to children’s health and development and ensuring children are given safe and effective care.

Keeping our children safe and providing a caring, nurturing environment to promote learning is a key priority at school, and is built into all that we do. Through our culture and practice, we provide and promote an environment where:

  • Children can speak out and will always be listened to
  • Staff and Governors are comfortable and confident to share their concerns and act on instinct as well as ‘hard evidence’ with regard to child welfare and safety issues
  • Parents feel they can approach teachers to discuss any issues they are aware of or concerned about with regard to child welfare and safety issues
  • All concerns or issues raised are dealt with sensitively, in confidence, and in line with agreed policy and procedures.

We have a range of policies and procedures that reflect our safeguarding practice and commitments, which are regularly updated and reviewed by all staff and governors, and our Designated Safeguarding Lead in school is Mr A Russell.

Key Safeguarding Staff and Roles

  1. Head teacher
  2. Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
  3. Pastoral Support Officer
  4. Safeguarding Governor