Metacognition at North Duffield Community Primary School.

At North Duffield we are proud of our learning and ensure that all our pupils develop the learning behaviours which will enable them to become successful life-long learners. To continue to achieve this we have recently introduced metacognition throughout the school:

  • to give children a toolkit for understanding how they learn;
  • to give them strategies for learning;
  • to identify their own progress and set goals for future learning;
  • to provide them with a common language to talk about learning.

How have we introduced this to the children?

We have introduced the 4RS: Resilience, Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness and Reciprocity (Relating). Each of these learning behaviours has a character to represent them to make them accessible to all ages.


Children who are resilient learners can say:

  • I am lost in learning
  • I can see small connections
  • I can keep going
  • I can try other things
  • I can make the best conditions for me to learn
  • I can manage distractions.


Children who are reflective learners can say:

  • I can think about the direction my learning is taking
  • I am flexible and can change direction
  • I am able to review my progress
  • I am able to talk about how I learn
  • I am able to see the most useful features of my work.


Children who are resourceful learners can say:

  • I am able to ask my own questions
  • I am curious in my learning
  • I can see connections
  • I can build on what I know
  • I can work logically
  • I can work methodically
  • I can use my imagination
  • I can wonder, ‘what if….?’
  • I am using all the resources I know

Reciprocity (Relating)

Children who are reciprocal learners can say:

  • I can listen to others
  • I can see things from others’ point of view
  • I can work with others
  • I can contribute to a group goal
  • I can work alone
  • I am able to argue my point of view
  • I recognise strength in others
  • I am able to take on other peoples stand point and views