School Uniform

North Duffield Primary School has a simple and distinctive code of school dress which all pupils are encouraged to wear and is fully supported by Governors, staff and parents. Wearing a school uniform makes an important contribution to the tone and reputation of the school and gives the pupils a sense of belonging and identity. We encourage all pupils to take pride in their appearance and seek the co-operation of parents in this matter.
The desired uniform is:
• Red jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan (in V or round neck)
• Red, grey or white shirt, polo shirt or blouse
• Grey or navy dress, pinafore or skirt (of appropriate knee length)
• An optional tie may be worn from Year 3 upwards
• Red or blue summer dress (of appropriate knee length)
• Black or grey trousers or shorts
• Black footwear (sensible and appropriate)

Children need a change of shoes for indoor use. These can be plimsolls or other soft-soled shoes but should not be the same ones used for P.E. In winter, children may bring wellington boots.

The desired P.E. kit is
• Plain white t-shirt
• Plain navy or black shorts
• A pair of trainers and/or plimsolls for indoor use
• Pupils also need a dark tracksuit or similar warm clothing for outdoor games in cold weather

All clothing and shoes should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

PE kit should be brought into school each Monday morning and should be kept in school the whole week in a named bag then taken home for washing at the weekend. PE and book bags can be purchased from the school office.

Children are not allowed to wear make-up, nail polish or any item of jewellery, except watches. If a child has pierced ears he/she should wear stud earrings which will not easily get caught. In the interests of health and safety earrings should not be worn by children during PE lessons. These should be left at home on P.E. days or must be covered by a plaster during the lesson.

Personal Possessions
Please do not allow your child to bring toys or valuable items to school unless specifically requested by the teacher. Mobile phones are not allowed in school under any circumstances and any phones found in school will be confiscated immediately.
The uniform can be purchased from the following places:

APC Clothing
We have set up online uniform orders with APC, use the link below if you wish to purchase clothing or bags. There may be a delivery charge depending on the amount of the order.
Classroom Clothing Ltd
Visit their shop at:
22 Finkle Street
01757 700577